4 Easy Ways to Refresh your Bathroom


4 Easy Ways to Refresh your Bathroom

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Some bathrooms seem to never go out of style, with their classic colours, timeless fixtures, and clean lines. Then there are other kinds, the relics of past eras that challenge the eyes with their green, aqua, pink or raspberry tiles and matching fixtures. If you are the one who has an older bathroom you consider is outdated then there are PVC wall panels’ dealers in Ludhiana who can help you.

There are several ways to spruce up your outdated bathroom and that too without renovating. Here are 4 easy helpful tricks and tips.

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  1. Update the Fixtures

Usually, a pedestal sink will still be in good shape after decades of use, but a leaky and out-of-date faucet will need to be replaced. The style of these two items can transform your bathroom and if you’re dealing with a coloured tub, consider having it resurfaced. Changing hardware and bathroom accessories are the easiest and inexpensive way to spruce up your bathroom. Choose bright colours or unique materials for drawer pulls to make a bold statement on the plain vanity.

  1. Wall Panels

You can use wall panels instead of the boring paint or wallpaper in the bathroom. The most common approach to wall panels is the decorative wall panels in Punjab for the bathroom. The wall panels are available in many different styles and designs to match your fixtures and accessories. You can make two or three variations of it in additional pieces of art. Then, each panel is hung side by side to imply that all of the pieces are designed to go together when in fact, each one of them is an actually separate piece. The panels are also water and dirt resistance so they will last longer.

  1. Lighten Up

Even a great bathroom can feel drab and depressing when the lighting is not right. Start with least expensive lighting fix, the covering on the windows. Trim the shrubs that might be covering your window from outside or replace thick curtains with some that let the light in while retaining the privacy. Add a few mirrors or bright large pictures to reflect existing light around the bathroom. For those who want to make few minor changes, replace the solid door with etched glass and also adding a solar tube can be an easy and affordable skylight alternative.


  1. Make it Functional

Wall hung or pedestal sinks are always nice to make a tight space look open. Adding a wall hung towel rack above the wall panels will keep the space open and also provide a fair amount of storage. Glass shelves are another alternative to put your necessities in an organized manner. Even the containers you choose can add personality and a level of cohesion to your bathroom.

These simple and easy tricks will help you to revamp your outdated bathroom and that too at a price under your budget. So people use decorative wall panels and give your bathroom an aesthetic appeal.

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