Wall Panelling – Modern Unexpected Textures


Wall Panelling – Modern Unexpected Textures

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When you look at your home, you find that something is missing but are not sure what it is? Everything seems to be fine but one thing that is missing could be wall panelling. People usually have two ideas in mind when it comes to wall decor, one is paint and the other is wallpaper because they are cheap, easy to use and can bring a wide variety of decor styles to life. But sometimes we just want a little variety, which paint and wallpaper just won’t impart. Look for a supplier who offers decorative wall panels in Punjab in different colours and varieties.

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•Wall Panelling offers Modern Styles

Wall panels suit every style and can impart a modern look. You just need to choose the right kind such as composite wood panels, or decorative panels, or the ones which impart the look of a stone. Stone walls have a character that is difficult to imitate with other materials and prints. Neutral wood panels can also be used to add texture to a modern living space.

•Artisanal Styles with Wall Panels

Though wall panels work great for the modern style, but they really shine in rustic and artisanal styles. The walls can be covered with your choice of panels without breaking the walls and rebuilding them. There are wide varieties of textures and colours available which can add a touch of ruggedness to your bedroom or living room. Rustic, industrial and boho styles can also be created with the unique patterned wall panels.

•Transform Your Living Space

Wall panels are easy to install and maintain, they are affordable and are full of style. Whatever is your decor preference, modern or traditional, wall panels can bring your favourite textures to life. All the wall panels whether they are brick, stone, plank or wood are easy to set up. Sometimes it is the one thing that will make a big difference and will add the missing link between a dull room and something fantastic.

•Benefits Wall Panelling Offers

Wall panelling can add extra flair to your home interiors. The decorative wall panels are made from precision extruded PVC and decorated with unique designs ranging from marble to wood grain patterns. The panels are resistant to colour change and warm to touch. These panels are perfect for vertical, horizontal or diagonal installation. The panels give an elegant look to your decor.
If you are looking to change your floor then these panels can also be used. You just need to find a flooring service provider in Punjab who can work according to your needs.
Decide the style you want to create and choose the panels accordingly to add an element of the dash into your interiors!

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